How software solves a "range anxiety" issue on BMW i3s

How software solves a

The beautiful world of software can solve day to day practical problems and make our life easier.

One of the main issues in adopting electric vehicles is the "range anxiety". In other words, the driver of a normal car with internal combustion engine who is used to refuel completely in under 5 minutes almost anywhere, will be afraid that will remain without battery power in an EV vehicle.

And then, what to do?

BMW uses a smart software and a smart map to help users to overcome this anxiety. How it works?

Using the navigation system, you can select your destination. Based on a lot of data like battery status, outside temperature, driving style, type of road ahead (national road, highway, gradient) and so on, the software will firstly calculate if the current charge is enough to get you there.  If the answer is yes, then it will show you the range remaining AFTER you get to your destination. How cool is that!

You don't need to make complex calculation or estimations. The software will do that for you a lot faster and a lot more accurate.

Even if we don't realize, the software is more present in our everyday life than we might think.

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