Smart Tyre

Manager’s summary

  • Choose the product that fits your needs
  • Control the stock and performance of your tyres
  • Increase road safety & decrease breakdown cases
  • Save the environment by creating less tyre waste

Tyre database

Transform your tyres into an investment

With Smart Tyre, tyres can turn from just another cost in your company into a real investment. This can be accomplished with an accurate follow up of the asset’s serial number, providing clarity for all tyre operations.

  • Serial number & remaining tread depth follow-up
  • Keep track of all tyre change operations
  • Stock management
  • Tyres statistics & reporting

Reports & Alerts

Take action immediately

Smart Tyre will offer you all the needed information in order to make the decisions regarding tyres, before they even become an issue. The automatic alerts will help you focus only on the areas that require immediate action.

  • Full tyre & vehicle history
  • Automatically generated cost/km per tyre & vehicle type
  • Consumption forecast for the next 12 months
  • Tyre wear alert
  • Purchase and usage statistics
  • Removal analysis – root cause and financial impact

Automatic tools integration

Instant information about all assets

With the introduction of new automatic tread reading solutions, you can instantly receive information about all your assets. Due to our provided solution, you will have the chance to transform all the collected data into useful information.

  • Data import from automatic tyre reading tools
  • Data filtering algorithms
  • Automatic tyre inspection

Claim management

Tracking claimed tyres is now easy & efficient

With a high number of tyre changes, keeping up with different warranty claims can be a difficult task. With support from our platform, tracking claimed tyres all the way to reimbursement is easy and efficient.

  • Claimed tyres management
  • Manufacturer notifications
  • Credit note consolidation
  • Optimized claim flow

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