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This declaration applies to all links placed on our homepage and all contents of pages, which can be reached through links or banners. Should parts of these websites infringe current copyright or trade mark law, the respective parts will be removed as quickly as possible once we have knowledge of this fact.

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This website and its content is supplied “as seen” and without any explicit or implied warranty – including, but not only, implied warranties for satisfying quality, the usability for a certain task or the compliance with contracts in its broadest leagal extent. The information displayed on the website is only general information and does not imply any contract obligations.

ProAct Software does not give any statement or warranty that the data and/or facilites on this website are exact, complete or up to date, that the website is running without timeouts and errors and that any errors on the website will be repaired or the website or server, which provides the access to the website, are free of viruses or other harmful components. ProAct Software does not give any statements or warranties to whether the materials on the website are usable regarding correctness, accuracy, appropriateness, usefulness, timeliness, reliability or other qualities. That is in each case in the broadest legal framework.

ProAct Software reserves the right to withdraw the website or parts of it or to take it offline at any time without giving any basis for legal responsibility.

Limitation of liability

The use of the website takes place at one’s own risk. Neither ProAct Software nor any of its leading staff, managers, representatives or any other third-party included in the process of creating the website is liable for any immediate damage, immaterial damage, consequential damage or other damage arisen by using or not being able to use the material provided on the website, including damage arisen by viruses or the falseness or incompleteness of information or the performance of the products and services described on this website, even if ProAct Software was informed that such damage could arise. We point to the fact that limiting liability in case of certain damage is not allowed in certain jurisdictions, thus some of the above-mentioned limitations of liability may not apply to you.

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You are not permitted to use the website for sending or transferring data which is or could be illegal, threatening, wrong, ambiguous, seditious, defamatory, invasive, pornographic, insulting or discriminating, which could be a criminal act or be seen as an incitement to commit a criminal act, infringe the rights of a person or third party, that could lead to civil actions of liability or break any laws. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use the website for marketing or commercial customer canvassing.

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