Post-lockdown breakdowns - how to avoid them

Post-lockdown breakdowns - how to avoid them

Fleet managers can face a spike in breakdowns after the lockdown is lifted. With almost all employees working from home and sales meetings moved online, company car park is at a stand still. But standing still for days or weeks is something that cars don't particularly like.

How can we avoid an increase in callouts once the travel ban is lifted?

All drivers should be instructed to perform some simple operations that will keep their cars up in shape.

1.The battery is the most likely cause of a breakdown. Even newer vehicles, if left for long enough, can suffer a flat battery. Cars with alarms and connected infotainment systems have a higher power draw. Drives should start the engine once a week and allow idle for 20-30 minutes.

EVs, Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars should not be left with a flat main battery

2. The brakes can seize if the parking brake is pulled for a long period. The parking

brake should be released and the vehicle moved few meters back and forth.

3. Before parking a vehicle for a longer period, it is a good idea to top it up with fuel. This will prevent condensation in the fuel tank.

4. Tyres should be maintained at the recommended pressure. A partially deflated tyre will put extra stress on the sidewall and may cause a permanent damage.

5. Paint finish can be damaged if birds droppings are not removed and wheels can be stained by brake dust. Cleaning the car regularly will ensure paint protection.

These are simple steps, that any driver can follow. They just need to be reminded by their fleet managers to do so.




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