Workshop KPI measurement

Workshop KPI measurement

When a fleet is using an external workshop, even if there is a full service contract, there are few kpi’s that need to be measured. This is needed for the evaluation of the service level and for monitoring the time lost with maintenance operations.

Kpi’s that are to be followed up by the transport company:

  1. Repetitive repairs

  2. Time spent waiting to enter workshop

  3. Price consistency

  1. Repetitive repairs needs to be followed up by the transport company to avoid paying twice for the same work. Of course, we talk about repairs that are workshop fault. Even if the workshop recognizes its mistake, there is a matter of downtime and lost production time. And this is affecting the transporters that also have full maintenance contracts. The fleet will have to know this kpi to help the future negotiation process.

  2. Usually, when the truck arrives at the workshop, will not go immediately inside the workshop. This is normal. What is not normal, is to have very long waiting times. Again, this is a kpi that has a negative impact also on fleets with full service contract.

  3. In common practice, there are price agreements for labor and parts. Sometimes, it can happen that the invoiced amount is not in line with the agreement made. This can be a mistake, lack of interest or on purpose behavior. When a lot of mistakes happen, then the customer, in our case the fleet, has to react and investigate the reasons.

The kpi’s presented are some of many indicators that can be monitored with the help of a maintenance management tool. Measuring workshop performance and help fleet managers to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. All actions can help build a better relationship while keeping costs under control.

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