Smart control panel for all maintenance operations, workshop integration, fleet administrative data, fuel management and drivers information.

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Seamless fleet control

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Intelligent reporting and alerts

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Automated fuel management

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Easy access to information

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Manager’s summary

  • Control and reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • Monitor your fleet’s total cost of ownership
  • Stream line operations department
  • Increase uptime and efficiency
  • Facilitate internal and external communication

Fleet Control Tower

All fleet operations, contracts and maintenance management in one place

Unique split of maintenance cost and allocation system

  • Cost code system implementation per technical groups
  • Purchase order flow integrated with internal departments and workshops
  • Automatic 3rd party workshop invoice importing and cost allocation
  • Workshop invoice check and follow up
  • Equipment manufacturer maintenance plan input
  • Recall campaign set up and management

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

  • Insurance claim module
  • Drivers' papers and certificates due dates and alerts
  • Drivers' equipment inventory
  • Rent In/Rent out contracts
  • Insurance and leasing contracts and cost allocation
  • End date alerts for commercial contracts, insurance, leasing and rental

Dynamic end to end integration with workshops

  • Workshop planning
  • Smart application access for partner workshops
  • Instant and efficient communication between fleet technicians and workshops and communication history
  • Live update of “In Workshop” vehicles with alerts

All fleet related data in one accessible application

  • Vehicle equipment inventory
  • Management of telematics devices and drivers' equipment inventory
  • Charter integration
  • Branch and country vehicle allocation with history

Technical issue, driver inspection and Breakdown app

Advanced tool for rapid technical issues reporting, tracking and resolving. The communication between drivers and technical department in done in only one place.

  • Localization and driver identification
  • Accident checklist and picture reporting
  • Approval system for fleet manager
  • Technical issue reporting directly by the drivers with pictures and history recording
  • Easy and instant communication between drivers and the technical department with record keeping
  • Alerts for urgent requests

Reports & Alerts

Total cost of ownership, equipment performance and reliability, workshop performance and maintenance forecast reporting are integrated into the system. Automatic alerts for due dates, including email generation, can be easily set up.

For performance and cost control

  • Total cost of ownership per vehicle/type of fleet/branch
  • In depth analysis of vehicle reliability
  • Fleet specific kpi monitoring
  • Cost/km analysis
  • Repair requests KPI reporting (time between reporting and resolving, false requests)

Equipment maintenance

  • Forecast for preventive maintenance for the next 12 months
  • Vehicle service history
  • Downtime reporting per vehicle/period
  • Maintenance budget follow up
  • Vehicle next service alerts

Workshop and repairs

  • Workshop waiting times monitoring
  • Repetitive repairs alerts
  • Workshop service level agreement evaluation
  • Automatic alerts for vehicles standing still in workshop

Fuel Management

Using the data assigned per vehicle, all refueling information is checked against the company’s fuel policy for any anomalies. Fuel provider information is automatically imported.

  • Automatic fuel data import
  • Fueling check against policy report
  • Preferred stations usage report
  • Discount scheme check per station and country


Easy access to all vehicle papers in electronic format and a complete vehicle sheet with all technical information are always available. Different departments and branches work in the same system and have access to all relevant information.

  • Complete vehicle sheet with all relevant technical information
  • Suppliers details including contact persons and service level agreements
  • Workshop grading information
  • Equipment maintenance plan definition and vehicle allocation
  • Recall campaign definition
  • Complete driver information
  • Due dates alerts for vehicle specific certifications and papers

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