Chinese brands to increase EU market share with EVs

Chinese brands to increase EU market share with EVs

With only half of their 40 million units annual production capacity used, the Chinese government is pushing local brands to be more aggressive on export. EVs may be the answer to the expansion, at least until 2025 when the traditional makers will be forced to push up the EVs manufacturing to comply with the new CO2 regulations.

A Chinese manufacturer achieved a breakthrough in European sales during the first quarter. MG, the British brand owned by SAIC Motor, captured almost 2 percent of the region’s electric vehicle market with the ZS EV small SUV.

Penetrating the European market is not easy, but the consumers are more open to receive new EVs brands than a traditional automaker. So, the Chinese brands are taking advantages and with generous government support for electrification, we might see another automotive landscape in a few years on the old Continent.

And cash is something that is widely available for the Chinese auto makers.


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