UK - Banning tyres aged 10 and older

UK - Banning tyres aged 10 and older

UK - The Department for Transport concluded the consultation on a proposed ban on tyres aged 10 years and older from certain vehicle types, to improve road safety.

In result the Department for Transport stated that:

“ …we have decided to proceed with a ban, on a precautionary basis, to improve road safety. The ban will apply to tyres fitted to the front axle of:

·       heavy goods vehicles

·       buses

·       coaches

plus to the tyres on all axles of minibuses when fitted in single configuration. “

The Government initiative is still in the project phase, but maybe it is a good time to check your tyres.

ProAct Software prepares Smart Tyre Management software by adding the manufacturing date (the DOT) next to the serial number of the tyre. In addition, the company is creating reports and alerts that will let the users know if their tyres are about to become illegal.

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